Our Process

At Saluda River our process is intentional and as local as possible. We work closely with South Carolina born importing facilities who work in specialty grade, green coffee. From there, we receive shipments of coffee beans at the port in Charleston and drive them up-state to Greenville. There, the beans are roasted at our top secret roasting facility on White Horse Road. We are very privileged and proud to then distribute our wholesale and retail coffee throughout the state- from the foothills to the coast.

We roast on an American made, Diedrich IR-12, in our opinion, the grand daddy of all roasters. All beans are roasted by hand, in small batches. Since our green coffee has been selected based on it’s specialty grade quality, this process allows us to maintain the integrity of those flavors--the acidity, sweetness, complexity and nuttiness. The process is time consuming and laborious but has proven to be even more rewarding with every cup.