Saluda River started in the upstate with a three pound roaster, three gas stations and an aspiration to offer thoughtfully sourced, locally roasted coffee at an affordable rate. Since our start in 2015, we now supply over 30 family-owned gas stations. At any one of those gas stations, you're likely to find Saluda's founder and head roaster, Story Cosgrove, working the register if enough employees go on vacation the same week.

Our connection to the Saluda River is something we’re asked about often and honestly it’s a connection that affects our past and our present. It’s a river that people grew up on and hiked along side of. It’s where an afternoon of paddle boarding fostered the idea that turned into Saluda River Coffee.   

Our love for the river continues to manifest itself in different ways throughout our journey, and we are always looking for outlets to serve our community through conservation efforts. We are particularly excited about our partnership with Save Our Saluda who works to protect and restore water resources in the Upper Saluda Watershed. Find out more about this local conservation agency here.